Call Handling

At NFS, we expertly utilise the available technology within our intelligent telephone software to deliver a superior service to our customers. Provided and managed by Merlin Telecom and supported by our operating software, we can offer a refined call handling service to support your business and your customers, allowing for a much smoother service all round.

Out of hours service available

We can set our telephone system to interface with your inbound numbers and answer each call in your individual name. To avoid the hassle of needing someone constantly on standby with a mobile phone, we can even provide the call handling service out of hours! It is true that too many interruptions overnight can affect an employee’s ability to function the next working day, and that’s exactly why NFS’s call handling service is ideal. Alternatively, you can use the service in support of your operation at any time! This means that, if all your phones are busy, the calls can divert to us and we will answer them on your behalf. It would also form part of any Disaster Recovery system if, for whatever reasons, your own telephones fail.

Everything is taken care of with NFS

With NFS, you can sit back, relax and know that your customers will always have their calls answered, and that the system we setup will allow us to act effectively on your behalf.

Using our operating software, we can upload an easy to modify and update list in a CSV format which outlines your customers and the services they may use, alongside operating instructions, tyre brand preferences, and any other specific instructions that you operate with on their behalf.

This quality call handling service is available to any business with an NFS account, a customer or a supplier. What’s more, each call is recorded, and any new booking request is emailed to you, accessible to view online and is supported by reporting.

Our Leading Web-Based Call Centre Telephone System

Our own, in-house staff manage all the calls to NFS; we don’t outsource any part of the job to third-party providers and our call centre staff are on hand 24/7.

  • This OS is derived from our many years of experience in the field
  • The OS is logical and informative
  • We produce meaningful MI
  • Specific reporting for individual customers

Our dedicated team can handle your requests 24/7 and arrange the most appropriate method of tyre repair or replacement, vehicle recovery or other assistance required to keep your fleet on the road.

NFS along with our trusted supplier network completed in 2022

work requests and we are now counting in 2023...

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