Vehicle MOTs

MOT Fleet Management

Putting each vehicle in your fleet through an MOT test periodically is, of course, a necessity for keeping that vehicle legally roadworthy. Through NFS, a number of the suppliers within our network offer Class 4 and Class 7 MOT testing, allowing you to have the vehicle test completed, any failure items rectified and advisory items completed.

Class 4 MOTs

These are the standard classification of MOT for most cars and motor vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats.

Class 7 MOTs

This classification of MOT is reserved for light commercial goods vehicles with GVW between 3,000 kilograms and 3,500 kilograms in weight. A wide range of vehicles, including panel vans, transits, and pickups, can fall into this bracket. This MOT will assess many of the same aspects as a Class 4 test.

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What is Included in a MOT?

A new car must receive its first MOT test by the third anniversary of that vehicle’s registration, though some new vehicles must be checked much sooner.

After getting MOT-tested for the first time, a vehicle must be re-tested annually. Both Class 4 and Class 7 MOTs check various aspects, including:

  • The vehicle’s structure
  • The fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions, which must meet requirements
  • Exhaust system
  • Seat belts, including their condition and security

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